Jan Matoušek is a graphic and type designer based in Prague, Czech republic.
His work is focused on visual language, books, websites, brand identities and type design.
Magio Works / Fonts is his platform for graphic design service and independent typefoundry

Fonts are purchased via paypal. For trial versions and special requests please email me


born in 1984

2011 graduated on Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design, Prague
(studio of graphic design and new media)

2011 – 2013
graphic designer at studio Najbrt, Prague

self-initiated project and book City = Medium (czech Město=Médium), together with Vladimir 518 and Markéta Vinglerová. City = Medium is a book about the relationship between light and the city. In a first part authors research and collect light interventions in a public space in years 1920 – 2012. In a second part authors ask selected artist to create contemporary interventions, specialy for the book. For the first time, historical and contemporary light interventions in a public space of Czech republic was connected in one publication.

2013 – present
together with Petr Babák co-leading studio of graphic design and new media at AAAD Prague

Selected clients and collaborations

Biggboss (publisher and record label)
Meetfactory (cultural space)
Academy of Fine Arts Prague
Trafo Gallery
Langhans Gallery
Petr Babák (laboratory.cz)
David Krňanský (artist)
Michal Škapa (artist)
Epos 257 (artist)
Vojtěch Veškrna (photographer)
Jiří Švorc (photographer and cinematographer)


Ke Sklárně 3213/15
150 00 Praha 5
Czech republic

+420 723 551 686